My Story: USC Commit Andrew Milek

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Note from Sports360AZ CEO Brad Cesmat:Wednesday is College Football National Letter of Intent Day. We asked Brophy Prep offensive lineman Andrew Milek, who’s signing with USC, to share his high school experiences on and off the field, as well as why SC was the best fit for him to continue his academic and athletic career.

Brophy has allowed me the opportunity to make friends that will last a lifetime. I have been coached by three outstanding head coaches and have had some of the best times of my life playing the game of football. Playing football at Brophy the last four years has prepared me for the challenges that await at the next level.  The experience has taught me to be a better student, hard working and humble football player. I have been blessed to be around the best community, coaches and parents I could ever ask for and for this, it has made my high school career truly special. 

When I was a freshman at Brophy, it was really hard getting used to going to a new school. I was the only student to get into Brophy from my middle school so it was a bit uncomfortable showing up without knowing anyone. This quickly changed as I was immediately welcomed by not only the coaching staff and teachers, but by the students, as well. It didn’t take long to realize that Brophy was truly a special place, just as I had heard.  Little did I know, I would be becoming a part of a community that really cares about the student’s academic and athletic success. 

Although playing for three coaches in three years was very difficult, it ended up being a blessing in disguise. My first head coach Scooter Molander, pulled me up to varsity football at the end of my freshman year. Then, I was able to start my sophomore year on the offensive line. I have to say, it was very difficult getting used to the speed and the talent of 6A football in Arizona but Coach Molander not only helped me through this but guided me through the process on how to become a better player, both mentally and physically. Fast forward to my junior year, I had the amazing opportunity to be coached by Jon Kitna, who is currently the quarterbacks coach for the Dallas Cowboys. Coach Kitna is truly a special man and an outstanding football coach. He taught me how to become a better football player, a student of the game and helped me realize that I had an opportunity to become a Power 5 player. He taught the team and I how to be brothers to one another and to be accountable.  He pushed me to go 100 percent every workout, practice and game, no matter the score or how tired I was. Besides being a great football coach, Coach Kitna helped me get closer to God than I have ever been.  Coach Kitna made me realize that all of my blessings and successes come from Him.

I have had two offensive line coaches that have helped me unlock the potential I never saw in myself as an offensive linemen. Coach Jim Grindey and Coach Dominic Raiola. They saw the potential in me and thought that I could become one of the best offensive linemen in the state of Arizona. They guided me every step of the way. They taught me how to pass set, run block and what it truly meant to be a force to be reckoned with in the trenches. They also helped me to become a better student of the game and that it is just as important to watch film as it was to lift every day in the gym. Without them, I would not be going to the college of my dreams and I would not be the offensive linemen I am today.

Lastly, having Coach Jason Jewell as my head coach for my final year of playing high school football was truly an honor. Coach Jewell was not only a great coach, but a great man, as well. He demanded excellence from not only me, but the whole team. He was truly invested in us being great young men on and off the field.

Another person who has truly changed my life is Derek Kennard, my trainor at Pro Edge. I started working out at Pro Edge the spring of my sophomore year. When I started working out with Derek, my strength and speed increased tremendously. No workout was ever easy, it was always a grind which is how it always should be. Coach Kennard taught me mental toughness and that to truly make gains in the weightroom, you need to have a vision for why you are doing what you’re doing. 

Last but not least, I could not have gotten this far in my life without my family. My mom, dad, and my older brother helped me every step of the way.  It was very comforting to see my parents and my brother in the stands cheering me on every game. My parents pushed me and are the backbone of my life. They also saw my potential like my coaches did, and helped me achieve my dream of becoming a collegiate athlete. They are my support system, my number one supporters and I can never thank them enough for what they have done in my life.

My experience at Brophy has guided me and helped me become the player and the person I am today. Without my family and coaches, I would not be in a position to share all of  these experiences with you. Looking back on these past four years, it has truly been a journey. It just seems like yesterday when I was a chubby little freshmen running around the football field. The relationships and memories I have made here at Brophy will last a lifetime. I am very excited to attend the University of Southern California on a full ride scholarship. As of December 18, 2019, I will officially be a Trojan! Fight on!