Can Murray Meet Expectations?

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray (1) throws . (AP Photo/Ralph Freso)

Quarterback problems are part of life in the NFL. If you’re a fan of the Titans can you honestly say that all is well with Marcus Mariota?  The Jets with Sam Darnold(17 TDs 15 INTs last year). Is Kirk Cousins(23-23-2 since 2016) really going to be the savior in Minnesota? How about the New York Giants? Think if they are trailing 14-0 at halftime to Dallas this Sunday there won’t be boo’s and chants of “Put in Jones !!” 

I don’t know if the Cardinals got it right at quarterback with Kyler Murray. A year ago I was optimistic that Josh Rosen would grow over time. Instead the season was a dumpster fire. Sam Bradford had a $20-million dollar contract in his back pocket and was done before the first check cleared. Rosen was beaten in to the ground and Mike Glennon was just a guy holding a clipboard. 

Any one of us can sit here today and proclaim that Murray is going to be great, but none of us really know. That’s why I am really interested to see what happens this Sunday. I think he’s going to be really, really good. I am certain that he’s going to be wildly entertaining. You may be a fan of the Bears, Cowboys or Packers, but I’m sure you will be watching at least a bit of how Murray performs. Will defenses come after him? Will the Cardinals go tempo and try to blow the Lions defense off the field? Can Murray take the inevitable big hit? Today we simply don’t know. 

That’s why I’m really interested and a tinge excited to see what happens on Sunday.