Washington Commit Jacobe Covington, ASU Football Graduate Assistant Mike Bercovici, More Jerry Jones Quotes

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Jordan Hamm tqakes over the show talking about the Dbacks having no ups or downs this year, way too early NFL Draft predictions featuring Eno Benjamin, and the begining of high school football season. Also, Jordan goes over some new amazing Jerry Jones quotes, and the MLB season nearing October. Sagurao defensive back, Jacobe Covington, (27:35 on podcast), announces his commitment to Washington. He talks about his decision to head to Washington, what Sagurao has tought him, and his fellow 2020 recruits he could play with or against in the future. ASU Graduate Coach, Mike Bercovici (34:07 on podcast) joins Jordan talking all things ASU Football including Jaydin Daneils and the uncertainty of the ASU quarterback room.