Paxton Earl: Arcadia’s Mr. Do Everything

(photo credit: Audrea Walshire Photography)

Few will argue the heart and soul of the Arcadia football team stands around 5-foot-9 and weighs maybe 180 pounds. You see, Paxton Earl may not stand out in the warm up lines but when the lights go on, it’s a completely different story.

“Offensively he’s a mismatch problem,” Titans’ head coach Kerry Taylor said to “Coming out of the backfield he can run the ball. Coming out of the slot he can play receiver. He’s a guy that you have to account for at all times, know where he is and know he can take it the distance at any given time.”

Last season Arcadia’s opponents found out firsthand.

Earl rolled up over 1600 yards and 20 combined touchdowns (including three passing) as the Titans flipped their winless 2017 script, finishing 6-4 in Taylor’s first season. 

His versatility is something he takes great pride in and is easy to see, considering the NFL stars he tries to emulate.

“I like to take things out of certain players games,” Earl said to “[Players] like Ezekiel Elliott, Christian McCaffrey, Antonio Brown. Guys like that.”

— Kerry Taylor (@KerryTaylor15) July 11, 2019

From Taylor’s first few days on campus, it became evident Earl would be one of the cornerstones and building blocks in reconstructing the Titans’ program.

“Paxton’s always been a leader,” Taylor said. “He’s a team captain. He’s going to make sure everyone’s in line doing what they’re supposed to be doing. We’re definitely thankful to have him.”

The same can be said for some residents in the Arcadia area.

When Earl isn’t playing football, or his other hobby-ping pong, you may find him assisting local residents while they’re out-of-town.

“I take care of their houses,” the young entrepeneur explained. “It’s a property management business and a dog-sitting business…I do anything that my clients ask me to do that will make it so that when they return, their house is just how it was when they left.”

The business, which was first suggested by Earl’s dad, has begun to grow-much like Earl’s college offers.

“He’s tough,” Taylor said when asked what college coaches like about Earl’s game. “He can play multiple positions. He can play special teams. Anywhere you need him, he can fill in. He’s a guy that just does it all.”

Truer words may have never been spoken.