14.4 Will be Heard on Monday

An update on a story we brought you last week about AIAAA looking at the wording of bylaw 14.4 which could impact workouts and coaching outside of high school sports. 

The AIAAA conference reps pooled their conference AD’s . Just under 50% were in favor of making practice with coaches OK. between 20-25% against. The rest of the votes abstained because they didn’t know enough or didn’t want to rush into a vote. 

Steve Hogan, District Athletic Director for Mesa Schools, will speak at an open meeting to the AIA on Monday.  Hogan told www.Sports360az.com that he is not looking at the wording, just the interpretation of 14.4.   

According to many coaches we spoke with, the bylaw just needs to be updated with common sense and practical interpretation when it comes to speciality coaches working with  athletes during the high school season. 


Here’s the link to the orginial story that we published last week.

High School Eligibility vs Specialty Coaches Currently Under Question