Valley Catching Women’s World Cup Fever

By Sarandon Raboin

Red, white and blue. These colors were on full display by men and women of all ages. Hats, scarves, bandanas, jackets and even suspenders that were designed with the Stars and Stripes worn in abundance. All to cheer on a team that was playing 5,466 miles away.

Around 70 people gathered at 9:00 a.m. on  Sunday at the George & Dragon pub to support U.S. Women’s National Soccer in their match against Chile.

Tables filled up in front of the massive projector screen that was showing the game-some of which were being shared with friends, family, or even strangers.

“There’s more fans when it comes to the World Cup, because it’s the whole country and not just individual states, Travis McBride said. “That brings everyone together and makes a better atmosphere.”

“The energy of it is fun. When everyone’s cheering at the same time, it picks you up,” Mike Hacker explained. Hacker was celebrating Father’s Day with his family at the watch party.

For some, watching the match with other fans was a new experience.

“This is my first time watching in a place like this, and it’s really great” said Eileen Green, who was there with her daughter Chrissie.

While it may seem that the women’s team drew a lot of support, this wasn’t even close to what it is like during a men’s watch party.

“Last year, I came with two of my friends. It was an England game and we literally couldn’t move. It was around the same time, like a Saturday or Sunday at 6 a.m. When we came out today, I was really excited but it’s definitely less of a crowd,” said Chrissie Green.

However, that didn’t stop these fans from coming out and showing their support. The Hacker family uses the U.S. Women’s National team as role models for their two daughters, who play soccer.

“It’s inspiring,” according to one of the daughters, McKinley Hacker.

“It’s still great to look around and see everyone who is behind the United States and its gaining momentum with the women’s program,” said Chrissie Green.

While there are still plenty of World Cup matches to go, almost everyone agreed that the best way to watch them was around other fans.

“I think watching it at home is always great, but if you have the ability to go out and relax for a couple of hours and enjoy something, you should do it,” Green said.