U.S. Women’s Soccer Dominates, Arizona Soccer Association Director of Communications Garrett Clevery, Baseball Writer for The Athletic Jonah Keri

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Jordan Hamm takes over the show to explain the outstanding performance by the US Women’s National Soccer team dominated Thailand yesterday in the FIFA World Cup. Was a 13-0 win too dominating and were the celebrations too big? Also, look at the numbers between men’s and women’s national soccer players and the difference between them. Arizona Soccer Association Director of Communications, Garrett Clevery (10:27 on podcast) joins Jordan to further discuss the Women National Team’s win over Thailand, and also spotlights the two Arizonans on the World Cup roster and what having those two on the team means for the state. Baseball Writer for The Athletic, Jonah Keri (43:25 on podcast) talks with Jordan about the progression of the Diamondbacks season and how the Dbacks have taken steps to stay above many people’s expectations along with what to do in the future.