Kerry Taylor Will Coach Arcadia in 2019

Titan Up! Or is it, Tighten Up? After the last eleven days around the Arcadia high school football program, it may be the latter.

Kerry Taylor will be the head football coach for Arcadia high school in 2019. Tuesday night, Taylor went to social media to share his return. 

Earlier this month, Taylor was fired as head coach of the Titans. An emotional community hearing was held last week on the Arcadia campus. Taylor wasn’t present at for the hearing, but a majority of those who attended were there to show support for Taylor. 

This past weekend the tide started to shift in favor of Taylor. He was in Flagstaff with the Arcadia football program for a camp at Northern Arizona Univerity. On Monday, Arcadia high school and the Scottsdale school district sent out a letter of apology, which cleared the way for Taylor to return to the Titans.