Kerry Taylor Did His Job at Arcadia

The parting of the ways between Kerry Taylor and Arcadia high school likely started the day he was named head coach. As one of the Titan parents, who asked to not be named, told me on Friday night, “Kerry took the program from 0-60 in the first few seconds after he was hired.”

Another one said,”The Arcadia program is not Saguaro. We may want to take a three week summer vacation, and not want to show up for things football related 10-months out of the year.”

Based on my conversations with parents and seeing the social media in the last 24 hours, the players LOVED Taylor as a head coach. Anyone who comes in after a 0-10 season and produces a 6-4 record will have fans.

However, the results on the field don’t always mesh with administration, neighboring schools or parents. One longtime Arizona high school coach said by text on Friday night “his cockiness and attitude have become a detriment, he needs to learn how to dial it back.”

Arcadia is not Chandler, Centennial, or any Arizona football powerhouse program. They lost their baseball coach to Chaparral earlier in the week, and now the football job is open. Happy summer vacation to the principal and athletic director trying to fill two big jobs.

Taylor is only 30. His best coaching days are still in front of him, just not at Arcadia. He’s in the business of helping kids get better. He did that in his one season with the Titans. Hard for me to believe that won’t land on his feet in short order.