Gomez: Diamondbacks Approaching Crossroads

(AP Photo/Darryl Webb)

To this point of the 2019 season the Arizona Diamondbacks‘ season has been as unpredictable as it’s been predictable.

The D-backs sit double-digit games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League West (10.5 as of Monday) but are above .500 in late June with the possibility of a late-season playoff push still in front of them after next month’s trade deadline.

Well, not so fast according to one baseball insider.

“Look, the way the rotation sits one through five, it’s going to be hard to see the Diamondbacks remaining in contention for a post-season spot,” ESPN’s Pedro Gomez said to Sports360AZ.com Monday morning. “So now what [General Manager Mike] Hazen is going to do is, he’s going to evaluate everybody. Anybody on the Diamondbacks’ roster right now is available via trade. Really, for the most part, there are few untouchables on this roster.”

One name which continues to be mentioned in trade whispers, at times almost recklessly, is ace Zack Greinke whose monster contract overshadows his production on the mound (8-2, 2.65 ERA) when it comes to possible landing spots.

“The money certainly is an obstacle,” Gomez explained. “I remember people telling me this when signed him. ‘You can never put one-third of your total payroll into one player…you just can’t do it. It ties your hands when it comes to everything else.'”

Gomez said the bigger chunk of Greinke’s deal they’re willing to pick up, the better the prospect they could get in return if they deal him and vice versa.

The big question now is: who would be willing to add said payroll?

Regardless, it will be an interesting summer for the Snakes who open a nine-game, NL West homestand Tuesday at Chase Field starting with a three-game series against the Rockies.