Digging into Dbacks Draft Selections, The Point of ‘Good’ Basketball, Chances of a New Manufacture in NASCAR

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Devon Henry takes over the show going over what’s going on with the Dbacks and what these next few weeks mean towards momentum heading into the dog days of summer. Also, ASU baseball’s turnaround is apparent with Hunter Bishop going 10th overall in the MLB Draft. Our own Jordan Hamm hops on the show (10:30 on podcast) to go over the Dbacks seven Day 1 draft selections and the five pictures selected in the first few rounds. Jordan then discusses what’s going on in high school football recruiting and why students commit to colleges so soon. Devon also whips around the Rattler, Mercury, NBA Finals, and what adding a new manufacture means for NASCAR. Might we see a Honda racing in next year’s championship race at ISM Raceway? All that and more on this edition of The Brad Cesmat Show!

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