Boldness of Pelicans Puts More Pressure on Suns

This is not a dig on the Suns, but if David Griffin can get to New Orleans in April  and pull off a mega trade just two months later, why can’t James Jones do the same in Phoenix?  What a deal for New Orleans!  With the Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant injuries, the Western Conference is now suddenly wide open. Is Houston the team to beat? How about the acension of Portland and Denver? Griff dealt one of the five best players in the NBA to the Lakers and in return set up the Pels to be one of the bright up and coming franchises in the League. Will we  ever see the Suns show some guts and guile with their roster like New Orleans?  Are we going to sit through the draft this Thursday and the sixth pick ? I  don’t know about you, but I’ve had more than enough of  draft picks coming to Phoenix. 

 Fans need hope. They don’t need to hear about “assests” or “cap flexibility”. Days like Saturday, where New Orleans and the Lakers figure out how to make deals happen, only frustrate the Phoenix fanbase even more. James Jones is going to be under the microscope this week, but the Pels monster deal with the Lakers only adds to the pressure for the Suns to get it right over the next couple of weeks. I’m still of the mindset that no player is untouchable on the Suns. If the roster can be turned over to reset the direction of the franchise than Jones should pull the trigger. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen much in the way of a bold trade or free agent signing from the franchise. It’s time to be more than spectators for the big fish.