Diamondbacks Outfielder Blake Swihart, The State of the Dbacks with Jordan Hamm, NBA Playoffs Drama

Arizona Sports News online

Jordan Hamm takes over the show going over the NBA Playoffs and updates with U of A Basektball, as well as the current state of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Where are the expectaions, where should those expectations be, learning from the first month, and more. New Dbacks outfielder, Blake Swihart (14:38 on podcast) joins the show to talk about the transition and joining the Diamondbacks, building relationships while being a catcher in the MLB, and the upcoming Dbacks games. Azcentral columnist Kent Somers (35:54 on podcast) skyped in with Brad to talk about why Kyler Murray isn’t worth the risk, how Steve Keim and the Cards front office “got cocky” and why Michael Bidwill is still the one really calling the shots.