The Twitterverse on the End of the Rosen Era

The era of ‘The Rosen One’ has concluded after 364 days. Josh Rosen was traded on Friday to the Miami Dolphins for the 62nd overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, exchanged for UMass wide receiver Andy Isabella.

With Kyler Murray selected as the number one overall pick on Thursday, this trade of Rosen all but confirms Kyler Murray will become the future QB of the red sea.

The jury was split, though, on if tossing away Josh Rosen was the right move for the future of the Cardinals.

Critics of the Rosen One

Across the nation, many raised questions of not only Josh Rosen’s lack of production in his first season after being selected tenth overall in the 2018 draft, but also his character.


Pro Rosen

The other side of the fence, locally and nationally, quickly made their presence known as well responding primarily to the questions raised on Rosen’s character and social media actions after he unfollowed Cardinals social media earlier in the day.


Some were fans of Josh Rosen and his social media actions for, umm, a different reason though…

Foreshadowing or Prior Notice?

Rumors began to float around Friday morning that trade talks between Arizona and Miami were rolling but suddenly dropped off. Is it possible the deal was already done through this morning?

Almost simultaneously with the trade announcement, Rosen posted this pristine altered photo of himself in a Miami Dolphins uniform, creating questions of exactly how close were negotiations the morning of, and even the night before, the trade.


Some former teammates have already hit either Twitter, the IG, or the good old-fashioned human media to express their thoughts on Josh Rosen. 


With all the love flying around for both Rosen and Murray, Christian Kirk wanted to remind everyone that the NFL is a business. Just because a team chooses one player over another doesn’t mean their teammates can’t appreciate both human beings.


Regardless of whether you feel bad for Rosen or think this was the right move, only one thing is for sure:


There were a number of media members who believed both Rosen and Murray could coexist and compete for the starting spot in 2019. But would it have been possible for the Cardinals to function with a 21-year-old and 22-year-old fighting in a quarterback competition?


Dolphins Ready

Meanwhile, Miami is ready for the 22-year-old to enter Dolphin country and become the future of south beach football.


It is possible Josh Rosen could play behind quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick, who signed a two-year deal with Miami in March. The idea to raise Rosen could be much like the Cardinals original plan for Rosen with Sam Bradford last season.

As much as we’d like to hear from Ryan Fitzpatrick, he doesn’t have any social media, so….. yeah.