Pebble Beach on the Line at Longbow Golf Club

The Tee2Green Challenge dropped in on Longbow Golf Club in Mesa Friday and continues through Saturday afternoon. While this event isn’t being held at the Masters, it’s similar to the Drive, Chip and Putt competition that is held at Augusta National each year.
Any level of player can win this competition, with the grand prize being a $2,500 gift card to Pebble Beach. The format is simple, three different shots at your drive, your chip, and three different putts starting at 30-feet down to 10 feet. There’s a grid so if you’re not that long off the tee and straight you gets points, if you’re long but not straight you’ll get points. it’s a competition of skill rather than just who hits the ball the furthest.
Bucky Westfall is the co-founder of the Tee2Green Challenge. “We created the Drive, Chip and Putt for adults, we wanted to put something out there that would be fair for all abilities”. There’s a lot riding on the line for the adults who show up wanting to compete.
“People are standing over putts out here at Longbow today that are worth, Pebble Beach, so they are able to have that experience of my putt or my chip is worth something.
Westfall says the partnership with Longbow through Troon has been a great marriage in year one. The event runs through Saturday the 13th. All you have to do is show up at Longbow and sign in to compete.