King: Cards Playing Waiting Game With Pick, Rosen

With the 2019 NFL draft just a few weeks away, it’s still all quiet on the western front with the Arizona Cardinals and the top overall pick. 

While the Cards met with Ohio State defensive end Nick Bosa last week, it’s been no secret Kliff Kingbury has an affinity for Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray and the club hasn’t done anything publicly to support incumbent Josh Rosen as the long-term answer behind center.

One NFL insider believes the Cards’ blueprint will follow a somewhat predictable path.

“Take Kyler Murray and trade Josh Rosen on draft day,” NBC Sports NFL Columnist Peter King said to’s Brad Cesmat via Skype earlier this week. “There’s a lot of little things that are going on here that…you are not going to see Josh Rosen go anywhere until draft day and perhaps not until the Arizona Cardinals are on the clock.”

While Rosen’s low salary and control moving forward may lead to the Cards holding on to him moving forward, King believes dealing him on draft day may prove to be their best option considering the pieces needed to compete again in the NFC West.

“Let’s just say it’s the Patriots [who trade for Rosen],” he explained. “Wouldn’t you like to have, just for the sake of the argument, the 53rd pick…somewhere in the 50’s. Wouldn’t you like to have that pick to get a starting defensive player in this draft right now, rather than wait and get a pick in 2020?”

While King won’t say Murray is a sure-fire NFL superstar waiting to happen, it’s easy to the hype surrounding his skill-set.

“This is a gem of the football player,” he said of the Heisman Trophy winner. “Again, there’s no guarantee but this is a guy who has a very good chance to be good in the NFL for a long time.”