Another One Bites the Dust…

I’m sure that there’s a reasonable explanation for Robert Sarver firing Coach Igor after one season on Monday night. I’m sure all of us who recall the Suns last playoff game on May 29th, 2010, are in full support of the owner blowing out his 6th coach during that span. I know, I know, Robert is a brilliant businessman(he really is!) So we should be supportive of every move he makes running an NBA team into the ground?
We can’t seem to go more than 8-10 months without Robert firing someone. He does it at the most random times too. Kokoskov gets fired two weeks after the season ends, even though the team had a putrid record?
Why not just wait until Thursday at 5pm and do it opposite the NFL Draft, I mean why the rush?

The big “HOWEVER” attached to all of Robert’s firings through the years is this. Each time there’s hope and hype that the Suns are going to grab a big name or a former Sun (Dan Majerle) and then everyone will be excited and forgiving.
Outside of Jeff Hornacek, I haven’t been blown away with any of his hires, though I thought Igor had some great attributes.
So here we go AGAIN. Another Suns head coaching search is upon us. Philadelphia 76ers assistant head coach Monty Williams is a name that has been linked to the vacant Lakers head coaching job. Williams lost his wife in a horrible accident in 2016. He’s a good and decent man who has picked up the pieces of his life and is in demand to get back into the head coaching space.
Rick Pitino is available. Sean Miller can hop on the I-10, grab a Eegees and be introduced in no time. Nothing…I mean nothing would surprise me with the current setup. Robert is making gobs and gobs of money on the Suns. It’s his toy. No amount of criticism impacts him. All I can do is point out the cold hard facts. Money can’t buy playoff games in Phoenix. I have nine years of proof. The scoreboard doesn’t lie…