Lay Off Bobby Hurley…

Since the week after Christmas, Arizona State basketball has taken more than a bit of criticism. For those who want to take a pound of flesh out of Bobby Hurley, I’d suggest tapping the brakes.
His team has won 5 of 7, sits in second place in the Pac-12, and has enough talent to be on the court into the second week of March Madness in my opinion. Remember, the current head coach is trying to turn around one of the most difficult jobs in all of college basketball. Look at where the program was when he took over to where it is now in his fourth season. Most coaches aren’t given the luxury of time like Ray Anderson has given Hurley.
In the last 25 years, only two Arizona State teams have won 12 games in conference play. Hurley’s team can tie that win total with a victory at Tucson this Saturday.
Look, I get it, some of you are rolling you’re eyes right now because the Pac-12 is so far down in quality teams. I would come back to you and say, would you prefer the alternative? They’ve won much more than they’ve lost. Attendance this season reached heights that we’ve not seen. They play a colorful and competitive schedule.
Turning around the Titanic isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight. I’d say that if you look at the entire body of work, Bobby Hurley has done a good job coming down the stretch of year four. Is it perfect? No. Is it where the AD and head coach want it to be? I wouldn’t think so.
Playing in a dilapidated building hasn’t helped much in recruiting. The years and years of facility neglect didn’t help those who came before Hurley. He’s fighting through the stigma of basketball season being something to do in between football and spring football. Hurley has made basketball relevant at Arizona State. I’m fine with those who were frustrated and upset with losses to Princeton and Washington State, at least you care…