Analyst: “Upgrade” Kyler Murray Best Fit For Cards

Many skeptics around the NFL are wondering if the Arizona Cardinals are merely doing what is necessary this time of year: driving up the value of a player (Kyler Murray) they never had interest in drafting.

Such is the life/luxury of the team currently slotted with the number one overall pick in next month’s draft.

No player is creating more buzz than Murray and the Cards are certainly doing everything in their power to make people wonder if the Bird Gang would select a quarterback in the first round two consecutive years.  

According to one well-respected analyst, the choice of Murray is a simple one.

“I think you have to weigh it and say, ‘Does Kyler Murray potentially provide an upgrade over Josh Rosen?,'” Pro Football Focus Analyst Steve Palazzolo said to’s Jordan Hamm in a phone interview Monday. “I think he does.”

Palazzolo is also quick to point out Rosen’s rookie campaign was muddied by an underwhelming offensive support cast throughout a forgettable 3-13 2018 season. Rosen’s upside is there but Murray’s is simply greater.

“I think [Rosen] compares more to Dwayne Haskins in this draft,” he explained. “A guy that, if you give him a clean pocket, both of those guys can succeed. They can make the necessary NFL throws but I do think they lack a little bit of something making plays outside of structure. I think that’s where Kyler Murray is a little more efficient…if you have the opportunity to make that jump, I think you take it.”

The draft is scheduled for April 25-27 in Nashville, Tennessee.