Your Personal Tour of ISM Raceway’s ‘INfield’

What would you do with $178 million? The crew at ISM Raceway decided to renovate their Avondale track into the most interactive venue in sports. The Ticket Guardian 500 is coming up the weekend of March 10 and ISM Raceway is ready to show off their new venue and the ‘INfield’ for its second race.


Drivers in Your Face

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with drivers and their cars? You get that opportunity all day, every day in the ‘INfield.’ No separate rooms, no glass walls, no laser security system. You stand mere feet away from your favorite driver as you watch how a regular weekend goes for a race team.

Fans even have the opportunity to watch the driver’s meeting from outside the glass walls and talk with drivers as they walk to the meeting. No track in NASCAR allows fans to be so close to some of the top drivers in the world.


New Action On-Track

With all the additions inside the track, you might forget what happened on the track. ISM Raceway moved their start/finish line to an area of the track known as, “the dogleg.” The Can-Am 500 in fall generated multiple late-race restarts which were made even more exciting by the new start line allowing drivers to fan out five-wide getting ready to enter turn one.

Mosh Pit with Your Favorite Driver

Name any professional sport where you’re allowed to get closer to the winner than most of the media. If you can’t think of one, NASCAR does.

ISM Raceway’s new ‘INfield’ debuted a victory lane where fans cheer concert-style as their favorite driver leaps out of their car to celebrate a victory. Many fans even got a little Monster Champagne sprayed on them as Kyle Busch and Christopher Bell celebrated victories in the semi-final races this past fall.


Beer and Margaritas

While cars racing nearly three times faster than (most of) you drive on I-10, it can actually be really relaxing in the ‘INfield.’ A Miller Lite Beer Garden sits in the ‘INfield’ as well as a new Modern Margarita. These tasty drinks and new food are accompanied by comfy sitting areas all around. Some even give you the ability to watch all the action in turns three and four, as well as the new start/finish line every single lap.

Fun Outside the INfield


If the adventure of the ‘INfield’ doesn’t fit your style, the good ‘ol grandstands received a makeover too. New concourses with new activities invite fans to enjoy their time at the venue even when there isn’t action on-track. Feel like Snapchatting the new improvement? No worries, wifi fills the sitting area that debuted brand new seats (with cupholders!).


There is plenty to do at ISM Raceway to let fans interact with their favorite drivers and have some family fun. Be sure to follow along with Sports360AZ when NASCAR comes to town March 8-10 to catch all the action both on and off the track.