Kyle Patterson Goes In-Depth on Air Force Commitment

Like his former quarterback Brock Purdy, Perry tight end Kyle Patterson saw a late push in his recruitment, receiving offers from Washington, Syracuse, UCLA, Colorado and Alabama after December 1st.

That big rush of offers did not deter him from making his commitment to the Air Force Academy over other finalists Washington and Alabama.

The two-sport athlete felt there were “no cons” when comparing Air Force and Washington. What ultimately helped him make his decision was advice from his father.

“You need to look 40 years down the road and not the next four,” Patterson recalled.

“I can do whatever I want graduating from the Air Force Academy. So many doors are open for you. You put that on your resume and people are fighting for you.”

Kyle Patterson Sharpens Athleticism on Gridiron, Court

Patterson wants to study civil engineering when he gets to Colorado. The tight end’s decision was essentially made up once he made his way to the Centennial State in early January for a visit.

“After my visit, I really felt a connection with the coaches and really fell in love with the place and the players,” Patterson said. “That really solidified my choice and coming down, I just took a couple days to let the emotions rest. Then I met with my dad and made a colelctive decision.” 

Perry head coach Preston Jones said Patterson was drawing interest from multiple additional Power Five programs, but the tight end decided to pass on those visits after seeing Air Force.

“Once I realized Kyle wasn’t interested in taking those trips, I knew he was locked and loaded on a bigger picture than the football stage, the football arena,” Jones said.

Kyle Patterson joins Saguaro safety Nate Polk and linebacker Clayton Randall, Sunrise Mountain quarterback Keegan Freid, Centennial center Carson Keltner, Williams Field safety Jadon Pearson, Campo Verde trench man Trevor Kauer, Pinnacle defensive tackle Sam Okuobo and Horizon kicker Cole Johnson.

Air Force has always made Arizona a focus but has particularly well in this 2019 class, and Jones believes it’s due to the academy’s new guidelines allowing its players to pursue careers in the NFL and their facilities that can go toe-to-toe with many Power Five programs. Pair that with the ample opportunities provided to its graduates, and Jones believes it’s a perfect fit for his tight end.

“(Patterson) wants to play at a high level athletically, but he also wants to get a great education and be a part of a very select and elite group of our country get to do,” Jones said. “I think he is the totaly package because he is able to do that. If you’re able to get in an academy, you’re the elite of our country there’s a lot to be proud of that. I think Kyle is the epitome of what those guys are looking for, and he’s going to flourish there.”