Kaepernick Wins…

From my view, 31 year-old Colin Kaepernick scored a clear KO on Friday.
For the big, bad NFL to settle with ANYONE, is a clear and convincing victory for the person on the other side of the table.
We will likely never know how all of this played out behind the scenes because the settlement has a non-disclosure agreement attached to it. How much did the NFL pay him to go away?

It’s one thing to take a knee as Kapernick did in 2017, it’s another for him to settle with the League over collusion to employ him. Remember, we’ve watched lots and lots of quarterbacks roll through the NFL the last couple of seasons who hadn’t accoomplished anything close to what Kaepernick did on the field.
Just look at what the Cardinals did at quarterback with Carson Palmer in his final season and last year. You think a Super Bowl quarterback like Kaepernick wouldn’t have given Arizona a better chance at winning games? 58 NFL starts and playing in the title game doesn’t lie.
The NFL wrote a check for Kaepernick to go away. They didn’t want their owners sitting in a room trying to explain why he couldn’t get a job.

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