Shaun Aguano to ASU, Cal’s Charlie Ragle, Polynesian Bowl’s Kevin Kaplan

On the Five-Star Sitdown, Jordan Hamm and Devon Henry go in-depth in the recruiting landscape in Arizona. From the state’s high school scene to ASU, Arizona, NAU and the NAIA, the show is focused on all things football recruiting.

On This Episode:

Shaun Aguano to ASU

Jordan and Devon discuss Shaun Aguano’s new position at ASU, how that can affect the Sun Devils’ recruiting efforts and how Chandler is still a hot spot for college coaches. Plus, their big takeaways from early signing day.

Cal Special Teams Coordinator, Tight Ends Coach Charlie Ragle

Coach Ragle made a similar jump from elite Arizona high school coach to college assistant, and he shares his thoughts on Shaun Aguano’s new position and the challenges that come with becoming a college coach. He also breaks down the six Arizona commits that are headed to Berkley and why the Bears were so effective in their recruiting efforts in Arizona.

Kevin Kaplan – Polynesian Bowl

The Polynesian Bowl has already become a premier All-American bowl in just its third year. Kevin Kaplan joins the guys from Hawaii to talk about Arizona’s five representatives in the game and how the bowl mixes culture and football.

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