Hey Robert, Can You Please Attract a Star Player!!!

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Hey Robert,


It’s another dreary winter in Arizona. It’s hard to take our little slice of heaven and turn it into a wasteland of playoff appearances. You remember May 29th, 2010 don’t you? We were both there to watch the Suns lose to the Lakers in the Western Conference Finals at the Arena. I remember talking with you after that game. I congratulated you on a great run and suggested that the next few months would be interesting. I never thought that months would turn into a 9 year playoff drought. I never dreamed that Phoenix would become a city that star players would avoid. Robert, why not Porzingis? Whether it’s LaMarcus Aldridge, Blake Griffin or fill-in the blank, you haven’t been able to attract STAR players through free agency or trade. A team that can ONLY build through the draft is not going to be built fast enough to compete for titles. At some point you are going to have to part with more than a few players you’ve drafted in order to acquire a star, and then convince that player to stay here.
Fans aren’t showing up in big numbers to watch your team grow up and develop right before their eyes. How many TRUE sellouts(butts in seats) have you had in the last nine years? Aren’t you tired of being at games where you can hear the players shoes squeak? Close losses doesn’t mean progress is being made. Please don’t fall into that trap. Dallas just become yet another team that jumped wayyyyy in front of you on the rebuild. The Mavericks will be a playoff team before the Suns. Same goes for the Lakers. I am guessing you look at what has happened in Denver with their rebuild and thinking you’re the next one to go that route? You can’t sit idly by with this current product, draft Zion Williamson and think that things are going to suddenly click.

Be bold, be decisive, not reckless(Childress, Warrick, etc, etc, etc). EVERY player on your current roster should be available in a deal right now. Anthony Davis, Porzingis, instantly put your franchise into a different space in the community. Look at the Charles Barkley trade with Philly. Doesn’t matter how many years ago it happened. If you want to make something happen bad enough, you can make it happen. No one wants to hear “preaching patience” anymore.
I don’t know one person in my circles that has faith that your current plan is working.

Anyways, just had to get it off my chest once I saw the Porzingis deal with Dallas. I’m always around if you’d like to chat. 11-42 and May 29th, 2010 says it all. Scoreboard doesn’t lie.