My Story: Air Force Signee Keegan Freid

Note from Sports360AZ CEO Brad Cesmat:Wednesday is College Football National Letter of Intent Day. We asked Sunrise Mountain quarterback Keegan Freid, who’s signing with Air Force, to share his high school experiences on and off the field, as well as why AFA was the best fit for him to continue his academic and athletic career.

Throughout my life I have always loved the game of football. It has taught me discipline and many other things that I believe will benefit me as a person in this world.

Football has been my center of focus the past four years of my high school career and I thank the sport and my coaches for helping me through these four important years of my life.

The game was a huge reason for shaping my future (The Air Force Academy), the relationships I formed because of the game are some that I will never forget.

First off, my coaches. Although [head coach Steve Decker] was not my favorite all the time, it’s fair to say that he alone out of all the coaches has prepared me most for my future with the Academy. Whether that’s from yelling at me constantly during practice or games to laying task after task on me to make sure I’m becoming the leader he knows I am. He will forever be responsible for preparing for all the leadership training and yelling I will endure at the Academy.

Coach John and Coach Pells will forever be the coaches I could always count on for a laugh. They helped me through a lot of my struggles with Decker during the games. They always encouraged me to just do me and made my football life a lot more relaxed.

Coach Ellis will forever be my football father figure. I could always talk to him about anything going on in my life, regardless if it was football or not. He’s taught me many life lessons that I have used multiple times so far in my life and will continue to use them for the rest of my life.

Coach Lily has been supporting me since middle school and has been my dad’s best friend since then and I can’t thank him enough for the impact he’s had on my life.

My mom and dad have been a huge impact throughout my whole life, not just football. They are the best role models a son could have and I hope that one day I can be half the man my father is. My mom is my number one supporter. She has helped me through all my recruiting struggles, weight gaining struggles and other struggles. She’s always there to support me and so some people who watch my games may notice that I knock on my helmet every touchdown I score. When I knock, that’s letting my mom know that that one was for her.

My grandparents have been my safe house when I’m feeling alone and need someone who I know has my back in those times, and will never fail to comfort me.

My “Bros” have been there since day one. They have pushed me to be the best I can be and always pushed out the very competitive spirit within me. They have been and will always be my “brothers from another mother.”

My girlfriend, Jordyn Shelton, as well. She has been nothing less of perfect and even though I may not be the nicest or most thoughtful through football the season, she never fails to keep on loving me and all of my many flaws.

I chose the Air Force Academy for three reasons. The first being because it felt the most like home. Secondly, it has a set future in plan for me and that’s what I’ve always wanted since eighth grade. Lastly and most important, I love that I can play the sport of football, while serving the country I love at the same time.

That’s what it’s all about: service before self and I feel like this is a good way to put that into action.