For The Glendale Cardinals, Bigger Is Better

They rarely make headlines and are frequently the last ones to be recognized. On Friday nights they quietly go about their business enabling the players around them to perform at the highest level.

Meet the Glendale High Cardinals offensive line.

This mammoth, senior-led group has helped the 9-1 Cards to one of their best seasons in school history, while paving the way for an offense which is averaging over 45 points a game.

“This offensive line is what has helped propel them to become one of the better teams in 4A,” Recruiting Expert Jason Jewell said. “They are big across the board and help make holes for junior running back Kevin Daniels.”

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Averaging around 6-foot-3 and close to 270 pounds “The Hogs” — as they are sometimes referred to, are not only getting it done between the white lines but more importantly in the classroom, as well. 

It’s something which hasn’t been the most seamless process in the past.

“I’m really hard on them with grades,” head coach Rob York said to “If they have D’s and F’s, they get a grade check every single day. They’ve done a good job this year. They haven’t really struggled.”

Glendale’s opposing defenses have certainly struggled trying to find ways to move the big bodies up front.

“As a unit we comes together and execute our game plan,” senior guard Marcelo Saenz, who has an offer from Arizona Christian, explained to “We come together as brothers, as one. The whole family.”

Hard work this off-season in the weight room has equaled success this fall on the field but the Cardinals understand, despite their size advantage up front, they must remained focused every single offensive snap.

“It’s a big advantage, obviously, being bigger and stronger than the other group,” York said. “But at the same time that’s not something we really focus on.  We just try to teach our kids to go out everyday…and when it’s game time, don’t think about that kind of stuff.”