A Few Thoughts Before the Postseason…

In the immortal words of Kristin Cavallari, the high school football regular season is “dunzo.” 

Now comes the fun part.

It’s now win or go home and the stress gets ramped up a bit. I had a few thoughts I wanted to share before the brackets get revealed tomorrow morning. 

Jacob Conover

The 6A bracket will be without some really good quarterbacks this postseason for various reasons: Spencer Rattler, Jack Miller and Devin Larsen. 

That got me thinking that the Arizona high school football community should probably really take in Chandler quarterback Jacob Conover’s last couple games (however many that may be) before he heads off to college.

How many quarterbacks in the state have started on back-to-back state championship teams? How many have started on back-to-back-to-back state championship teams? Conover wins four more games, and he’ll accomplish that feat. The 9-1 Wolves are the assumed #1 overall seed, so it isn’t a crazy thought that Conover would be walking away with three rings before he makes it to BYU’s campus next year.

It feels like it’s the golden age of Arizona high school quarterbacks right now, and it shouldn’t change for the next few years. While I feel like while Conover is certainly appreciated, he is still so underrated. Does he have some of the best skill guys around him in the state? Yes, and while Conover has never been short on weapons to throw to, those weapons usually get recognized before the guy that delivers those passes.

You don’t earn a spot in the Elite 11 Finals because you have a good line and skill players around you. You earn that spot because you’re one of the best quarterbacks in the country.

He’s always been surgical. He’s always been calm. He’s always won games. Like, a lot of games. 

I have a feeling that will continue with a few other Wolves at BYU. Fans should appreciate those accomplishments while he is still playing in the state.

No-Brainer For Newcombe

News broke yesterday that Bobby Newcombe had his interim tag removed and is now the head football coach of the Casteel Colts moving forward. My thoughts?

No. Brainer. 

I first met Coach Newcombe when we shot AZ Audibles from Valle Luna this summer. He wasn’t a head coach yet, but he carried himself like one, and it was easy to see what makes him an effective. Since Spencer Stowers returned home, Newcombe has run this team to an 8-2 record with losses to the #1 and #2 teams in 5A. 

There were plenty of questions about how this talented team would jump from 3A to 5A, and Coach Newcombe deserves a lot of credit for where the Colts stand and guiding them through one of the toughest regions in the state.

Last three spots in 6A

It’s time for us to embrace the algorithm weirdness of the AIA brackets as they get unveiled tomorrow morning.

The last few spots of 6A are up for grabs, and the three teams jockeying for those two spots all played top contenders. #15 Desert Ridge (3-7) lost to #4 Highland 51-0. #16 Boulder Creek (4-5) lost to #2 Pinnacle 42-13. #17 Hamilton (3-7) lost in the Battle of Arizona Ave 49-7 to #1 Chandler. Desert Ridge had the strongest strength of schedule entering this week, but maybe those three teams will be shuffled up.

But I don’t speak computer.

Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.


The Panthers currently sit at the #9, but after beating rival Cactus, who was at #4 in 4A, it’s safe to say the Panthers are going to jump up a bit. When you look at their schedule, their only blemish came from #3 Desert Edge, a team that needed a Hail Mary to knock off the Panthers. Juwuan Price leads the way for a potent running game and the team has given up more than 20 points just three times this year. They could be a team that makes a run in the 4A bracket.

I’ll be at Famous Dave’s tomorrow morning (this morning) for the bracket reveal.

Now comes the fun part of the season.