South’s Ingram “Money” On, Off The Field

I suppose it seems only fitting talented junior wide receiver/cornerback Devontae Ingram’s nickname is “Money.”

Sure, he’s one of the Jaguars top players and leads South in receptions, yards and interceptions but “Money’s” biggest impact may be off the field making, well…money.

When Ingram isn’t studying for upcoming exams or future Jags’ opponents, you’ll likely find him at his neighborhood west Valley Walmart pushing shopping carts to help support his family.

“I actually didn’t think I was going to get the job,” Ingram said with a smile to “But I got a call back the next Thursday so…it’s pretty cool.”

What’s also pretty cool is watching the 6-foot, 170-pound junior make plays like he did in Friday’s 47-12 blowout win at Camelback. He caught a touchdown and intercepted another before halftime, while playing nearly the entire game on both sides of the ball.

Ingram, who holds a 3.0 grade-point-average, says juggling the school/sport/job trifecta can be tricky but he’s been able to handle it with the right balance of time management and not trying to get overwhelmed with the three responsibilities.  

“School is first,” he said. “Monday through Friday I go to class and get my work done. Right after practice I’m doing my homework and watching film. Then on the weekend I go to [Walmart]. Work eight hours each day.”

As for the nickname, you ask?

Well, there’s a story behind that, too.

“I got it my sophomore year,” Ingram explained. “They called me, ‘the walk-on’ because my freshman year I didn’t play [football]. Sophomore year…the first practice I locked down the number one receiver at our school and my defensive back coach just started calling me money.”

Ingram’s family may be saving a lot of money if he can lock down a college scholarship, which doesn’t seem too far-fetched according to South’s coaching staff.

“God-willing he will be the first guy in a long time to go [Division 1] out of South Mountain,” Co-Head Coach Marcus Carter said to “He’s the total package.”

Yes he is.