Running with the Huskies – Horizon Looking to Continue Strong Ground Game

In 2017, behind a massive and experienced offensive line, the Horizon Huskies ran wild.

The two leading the way with over 1,500 yards and 16 touchdowns from quarterback Isaac Enriquez and running back Nash Giffin.

The good news for the Huskies?

Both are returning in 2018.

“They bring a lot of leadership, they’re here every day working hard,” Horizon football coach Ty Wisdom said. “It’s nice to have a veteran backfield with the quarterback and running back returning, definitely.”

The two seniors have learned to rely on each other.

“It’s amazing having him back there,” Enriquez said of Giffin. “Having him back there really helps out because I always know I can depend on him. Having (senior running back) Chris Grillo back there helps too.”

Both also bring versatility to the field as well.

Giffin is also the team’s leading tackler as a linebacker. Enriquez can play multiple positions along the offense and still be effective while fellow quarterback Jake Martinelli, who has earned rave reviews of his big play capabilities, is in the game.

“Isaac, it’s his third year in the offense. He continues to get better,” Wisdom said. “The great thing about Isaac is there’s times I’ll put him in at running back, he doesn’t bat an eye. Put him in at receiver, he doesn’t bat an eye and then I’ll put him in at quarterback.”

And now, Giffin is using his third varsity season to connect with the future of the Horizon program.

“I’m trying to be more vocal, that’s a big thing, and not just in game situations,” Giffin said. “In practices and stuff, I’m just trying to talk to more kids and I’m trying to communicate more, and I’m trying learn my position better so I can be the best player and help everyone else around me be the best player they can be.”

The Husky running game and defense will be put to the test in Week 0 against Marana on Friday night.