Diamondbacks’ newest reliever, Jake Diekman, ready to settle in with new club

The Arizona Diamondbacks’ newest reliever, Jake Diekman, was down the hallway in the visiting clubhouse with the Texas Rangers when he was notified that he had been traded to remain in Arizona.

Diekman said he had been aware of what might go down since Tuesday morning.

When the deal was made official the D-backs’ staff offered up the bullpen cart so that Diekman could move into his new space with ease.

“They asked and I was like ‘Yeah, I don’t want to carry all my stuff,'” Diekman said. “That golf cart has good shocks.”

Diekman said he has had his place packed up for a couple weeks now in anticipation of a trade. He and his wife, Amanda, are expecting their first child, a girl, in early November so to take the stress off of her, he decided to be prepared come what may.

“It helps that you’ve been through it once,” Diekman said. “My apartment in Texas has been packed up for like two weeks now, just in case.”

The lefty said he’s looking forward to contributing to a Diamondbacks bullpen that is made up of various talent.

“It’s good,” Diekman said of the Diamondbacks’ bullpen. “They’ve got a lot of different looks that come at ya. I feel like as a bullpen, your main goal is just to keep the score the same and they’re doing good.”