All Saints: “Football Junkie” Farrell Leading NDP

It’s a warm, muggy afternoon on the steamy turf on Scot Bemis Field and Jake Farrell is, per usual, playing traffic cop with the Notre Dame Saints offense pointing out instructions between plays to one of his wide receivers and making sure the pre-snap alignment is perfect.

In short, the senior quarterback just gets it.

“The kid’s literally a football junkie,” Saints head coach George Prelock said to “We knew…that he was going to work his butt off to make sure that we’re going to be as successful as possible.”

The 6-foot-5, 215-pounder has big shoes to fill this season replacing Kylan Weisser whose sparkling 2017 senior season included 30 total touchdowns and close to 2,500 yards of offense in helping guide NDP to the 5A State Championship Game. Weisser is now playing for Weber State.

So far Farrell seems to be game for the challenge after lighting up Fairfax for four touchdowns in the Saints’ season-opening win.

At first glance it’s apparent the strong redhead could have started for a number of schools the past few years but he chose to stay with the group of players he grew up with, many dating back to middle school. His selfless, team-first attitude helped make him a team captain, while his personality is contagious on the field and around the north Scottsdale campus.

“He’s actually a really fun guy,” close friend and fellow senior Jake Smith said to “He’s kinda got a dry sense of humor. He’s just one of those kids that’s always fun to be around.”

Farrell’s sense of humor takes a backseat to focus once he straps on the helmet and pads and hits the field.

“Last year we came up a bit short so our goal this year is to finish the job,” he said to “That’s been my goal since the second I came into the starting role on this team.”