The Air Up There: Meet QC’s Trey Wood

As the sun beats down in the southeast Valley Trey Wood pops open the back of his SUV and grabs his board before skating into the nearby park. This cement, and at times unforgiving, collection of awaiting jumps and tricks serves as Woods’ sanctuary.

The 17-year-old Queen Creek resident has had major sponsors like Nike, Monster, Blind Skateboards and several others backing him since he was 12. Skateboarding has taken him around the world to destinations like Brazil, Australia and China.

Through it all the laid back Wood, who last attended a “traditional” school in fifth grade, takes his success in stride.

“I started skateboarding when I was six years old consistently,” Wood said with a smile to “I did my first contest when I was about seven and took last and still skated after that. I’ve just always stuck with it.”

You could say that.

Woods first competed at the X Games when he was 11. He’s still the third-youngest athlete to compete at the event. Three years ago he finished fifth in X Games Big Air.

Through it all he’s always seemed to keep a level head, a calm demeanor and a clear big-picture perspective when performing, regardless of how big the stage and bright the lights are.

“Sometimes the crowds are pretty intimidating,” Wood said with a shrug. “But just being there, like you [Sports360AZ] supporting skating is pretty sick. The fact that skateboarding can bring this many people together is pretty cool.”

However, the skate-life hasn’t always been a smooth ride physically for Wood. He’s broken both wrists, fractured his heel and last month took a nasty spill while competing in China.

“I just recently got over a concussion,” he explained almost matter-of-factly. “I was trying a certain trick for quite some time and just got too comfortable and fell on a set-up trick which I shouldn’t have fallen on in the first place and split my head open. I still got to go to China and skate (laughing).”

The modest teenager, who already has over 30,ooo followers on Instagram, is enjoying the ride so-to-speak, while not forgetting who he is as a person, son and sibling.

“It’s pretty crazy because I just travel around the world with my friends and skateboard,” Wood said. “This toy just brings us all together and we can live off of it which is pretty sweet. It’s cool.”

Trey Wood is cool.

Really cool.

Not bad for a kid from Queen Creek.

A Valley native, Eric has had a passion for the Arizona sports scene since an early age. He has covered some of the biggest events including Super Bowls, national championships and the NBA and MLB playoffs in his near 20 years in local media.