VIDEO-Former Hamilton Coach Belles Returns to the Sidelines

Former Hamilton head football coach Steve Belles is returning to coaching. Belles wrote “new beginnings” as part of a Facebook post Monday morning. He confirmed to by phone later in the day that he was getting back into coaching. “I am going to be the quarterbacks, defensive backs coach for Juan Diego high school  in Draper, Utah”. 

Belles was reached at Snow Community College in Utah, where he is currently coaching at a football camp. “I’m looking forward to being back on the high school sidelines, I will be teaching social studies too.” A former player of Belles made the introduction to the Juan Diego administration. “Sam Salts, who I coached at St. Mary’s, is the Dean of Students and he’s also an assistant coach at Juan Diego. Their head coach, is John Colosimo, whh’s won 7 titles, he’s a great guy”. Belles also recently received news that his daughter has accepted a  volleyball offer to Alabama State. 

Belles was removed as head coach at Hamilton  in the Spring of 2017 during a hazing scandal that rocked the program.