2018 All-Academic Baseball Team

Based on the nominations from coaches and members of the Arizona high school baseball community, Sports360AZ introduces the 2018 Arizona All-Academic Baseball Team spotlighting the best the state has to offer both on the diamond and in the classroom.

A few notes on how the team was compiled: Sports360AZ reached out to every AIA high school baseball coach and athletic director in the state requesting nominations based on performance in the classroom. We also opened up nominations to parents and athletes as well. This is the only way to be named to the all-academic team.

After hundreds of nominations for the spring sports teams, we are excited to present the All-Academic Baseball Team!

2018 All-Academic Baseball Team

Jace Ludwig, Washington High School – 5.04 weighted GPA

Joey Simpson, Northwest Christian – 4.89 weighted GPA

Mick Marquez, Anthem Prep High School – 4.84 weighted GPA

Matty Brown, Perry High School – 4.76 weighted GPA

Carter Paine, Maricopa High School – 4.74 weighted GPA

Ricardo Maytorena, Nogales High School – 4.69 weighted GPA

Noah Lentz, Gilbert Classical Academy – 4.62 weighted GPA

Max Johansen, Perry High School – 4.57 weighted GPA

Damien Lyon, San Tan Foothills – 4.47 weighted GPA

Trevyn Badger, San Tan Foothills – 4.45 weighted GPA

Cameron Vercoe, Poston Butte High School – 4.43 weighted GPA

Dustin Inness, Northwest Christian – 4.42 weighted GPA

Troy Weinstein, Brophy College Prep – 4.41 weighted GPA

Tyler Moore, Casteel High School – 4.40 weighted GPA

Logan Schwenke, Perry High School – 4.34 weighted GPA

Chase Parks, Deer Valley High School – 4.32 weighted GPA

Colton Vercoe, Poston Butte HIgh School – 4.30 weighted GPA

Levi Delapiedra, Northwest Christian – 4.28 weighted GPA

Ryan Lopez, Northwest Christian – 4.23 weighted GPA

Max Seifer, Paradise Valley High School – 4.23 weighted GPA

Randy Adcock, Payson High School – 4.23 weighted GPA

Nolan McNeill, Poston Butte High School, 4.22 weighted GPA

Ty Pohlmann, Perry High School, 4.22 weighted GPA

Luc Wilson, Arcadia High School – 4.22 weighted GPA

Tanner White, San Tan Foothills – 4.20 weighted GPA

Kyle Kraustrunk, Paradise Valley High School – 4.19 weighted GPA

Keegan Twyerould, Arcadia High School – 4.18 weighted GPA

Joshua Touhey, Poston Butte High School – 4.14 weighted GPA

Zach Driscoll, Northwest Christian – 4.10 weighted GPA

Kyle Toone, Marana High School – 4.10 weighted GPA

Jesus Lopez Jr., Nogales High School – 4.10 weighted GPA

Jonothan Foreman, Marana High School – 4.08 weighted GPA

Brett Sutterby, San Tan Foothills – 4.00 weighted GPA

Brandon Jaime, Antelope Union High School – 4.00 unweighted GPA

Honorable Mention

Aaron Folsom, Catalina High School – 3.78 weighted GPA
Alejandro Camacho, San Manuel Jr/Sr High School – 3.53 weighted GPA
Brady Jameson, Antelope Union High School – 3.90 weighted GPA
Brandon Lopez, River Valley High School – 3.67 weighted GPA
Cameron Musser, Catalina High School – 3.79 weighted GPA
Conor Petersen, Marana High School – 3.60 weighted GPA
Devin Pierce, Marana High School – 3.35 weighted GPA
Dylan Justice, Payson High School – 3.93 weighted GPA
Gabe Matthews, Vista Grande High School – 3.91 weighted GPA
Jack MacDonald, Catalina High School – 3.93 weighted GPA
Jarin Davis, Northwest Christian – 2.92 weighted GPA
Jayden Guy, Chinle High School – 3.80 unweighted GPA
Jesse Gourdin, Poston Butte High School – 3.76 weighted GPA
Koy Duran, Payson High School – 3.02 unweighted GPA
Makoa Rich, Payson High School – 3.69 unweighted GPA
Max Nebel, Northwest Christian – 3.21 weighted GPA
Octavio Flores, Poston Butte High School – 3.66 weighted GPA
Patrick Gary, Gilbert Classical Academy – 3.90 weighted GPA
RJ Butler, Payson High School – 3.63 unweighted GPA
Sebastian Borsini, Marana High School – 3.83 weighted GPA
Triston Begay, Chinle High School – 3.73 unweighted GPA
Troy Yazzie, Chile High School – 3.13 unweighted GPA
Will Carroll, Chinle High School  – 3.27 unweighted GPA
Wyatt Larson, Combs High School – 3.66 unweighted GPA