Vegas Smarts Don’t See 2018 Cards Flying High

The Las Vegas oddsmakers have spoken and they don’t seem to think much of the Arizona Cardinals heading into the 2018 season.

While the teams’ over/under win total varies from one sports book to another, the general consensus among “the smarts” is a below average season under first-year head coach Steve Wilks and new quarterback Sam Bradford.

“It’s six-and-a-half,” South Point Casino Resort Sports Marketing Director Jimmy Vaccaro said to’s Brad Cesmat Tuesday morning when asked for the Cards’ win total. “I think we’re giving them the best…but six-and-a-half seems to be the right number.”

Vaccaro says you need to look no further than the season opener to get a true gauge of what the insiders believe about the Bird Gang. The Cardinals host the Washington Redskins and are only a one-point home favorite, despite the Redskins having to travel cross-country for the game.

Another factor, throughout the course of the season, may be an even bigger one.

“The Rams are the best team in the division,” he explained. “[Arizona] is one of the lower teams, make no mistake about that. [The Cardinals]  have a tough road. I can tell you that.”

In football, as well as in the gambling circles, the NFL remains king and Vaccaro said South Point has already taken several bets on win totals for teams around the league.