Suns Win Draft Lottery, #AytonsPlace

Years of suffering may be over for the Phoenix Suns. Our hero’s of the hardwood managed to turn a 21 win season into the top pick of the upcoming June 21st draft. Yes, the Phoenix Suns will have the first pick, what direction that they will go with the selection is not an easy answer. Arizona center DeAndre Ayton seems to be the most logical choice. The Suns search for a big man could be solved with the top pick. Euro star Luca Doncic has been coached by new Suns bench boss Igor Kokoskov. A Devin Booker, Doncic combo could be a strong pairing. 

The Suns are in a position with the number one pick that they could offer it up in trade for the star player that they haven’t been able to acquire through trade or free agency. 

Getting the top pick should produce a player that will take the Suns out of their 2,911 day drought of a postseason game. 

The organization has been dormant for the last eight years. Getting the first pick in the NBA Draft right is going to be the next trick. ANYONE who claims to be a fan of the Suns should be holding their collective breaths to make sure the organization doesn’t “miss” on this opportunity…