NFL Insider-“Fitz Would be the Perfect Example for Dez”

Dez Bryant is a free agent, Larry Fitzgerald would be the perfect role model. “I wouldn’t rule out anything with Dez right now”, Albert Breer, Senior Reporter for the MMQB,  told me on Mondays show(14:00 mark).

The Brad Cesmat Show

 “Being around Larry Fitzgerald would be great for him, just like Fitz reinvented himself in Arizona, Fitz would be the perfect example for Dez Bryant.” More from Breer on Mondays show ” I don’t know if Arizona has any interest in him, but that would be an ideal landing spot for him because he’d be around a player in Larry Fitzgerald that has already pulled off what Dez is going to try to do in the next couple of years.” 

While I am not the one writing the checks, I can spend the Cardinals money in a variety of ways. I’d have to look at  on and off the field that Dez Bryant has shown in Dallas and weigh it against the culture of the locker room that Steve Wilks is aiming for in Arizona. Would Dez Bryant be hungry and motivated? Would he be a coach killer? Would you be catching a player that needed to by humbled by being cut, before finally figuring it out. 

The Cardinals have a need at wide receiver. Dez Bryant may not be the answer, but he’s at least  worth a discussion.