Finally, A QB for the Future! Cards Draft Rosen

NO ONE knows if Josh Rosen is going to be a good or great NFL quarterback. The list of top ten QB busts is long. I don’t worry about that. The facts are that Steve Keim and the rest of the Cardinals swung for the fences on Thursday night. There will be those who want to bring up passing on Russell Wilson or missing on Matt Leinart, and that is all fair game. I am more impressed with the plan and execution of the organization. The Cardinals are BETTER tonight in their quarterback room than they were at the end of the 2017 season. They have three quarterbacks that will give them a better than average chance at winning than the group from the last couple of seasons. 

Josh Rosen speaks his mind, had a hot tub in his dorm room, blah, blah, blah. To me, he was one of the toughest quarterbacks that took the field over the last few seasons. Check out this performance by Rosen vs Texas A&M this past season. There’s adversity all over the place,  but he hung in and won(pick it up at 4:30, when Rosen and the Bruins are trailing 44-10).

I also can’t believe how little the Cardinals had to give up in order to get Rosen. They held onto this years second round pick. They didn’t part with next years number one. It’s borderline highway robbery. Great pick!