Cardinals select “strong character” players in 2018 NFL Draft

The 2018 NFL Draft has come to its conclusion. The Arizona Cardinals came away with an offense heavy draft class, full of talented and high character players.

Round 1 – Josh Rosen, QB UCLA
Round 2 – Christian Kirk, WR Texas A&M
Round 3 – Mason Cole, C Michigan
Round 4 – Chase Edmonds, RB Fordham
Round 6 – Chris Campbell, CB Penn State
Round 7 – Korey Cunningham, OT Cincinnati

“The thing I loved about this draft is the type of people that we brought in,” Cardinals general manager Steve Keim said. “Really we wanted guys with character, that love the game, they’re team leaders, and I think they have a great chance to contribute.”

Keim said that since he came in as GM he has noted the weaknesses in some of the players that he’s brought in, and the big thing for this draft was finding players that fit the “DNA” of the Cardinals.

“I’ve almost promised myself that we would take guys, even if they’re a little less talented, but they have that make up, that you would take those guys first,” Keim said. “That was exactly the mindset that Coach had when he came in and we talked in his interview. He wanted guys with our kind of DNA.”


Five of the Cardinals’ six selections were offensive players. The plan was to stick to the board, and what they had drawn up was offensive guys, which is how it played out.

“In a perfect world, Coach and I would have been thrilled to have balance and to fill some positions defensively, if those guys warranted those picks,” Keim said. “We had such high grades on those offensive players, we didn’t want to stray away from the board which was important to us.”

When building their draft board, there was “a little bit of the need factor,” but the Cardinals went with the guys who stood out, Keim said.

“They were such good players and such good character guys, that when you got to that pick, Coach and I would look at each other and say there’s no way that we can reach down here and grab a defensive player when this guy is sticking out where he is and we feel that strongly about what he brings to the table,” Keim said.

Wilks echoed Keim’s sentiments.

“We put a lot of hard work and dedication into (the board),” Wilks said. “The one thing you don’t want to start doing, you don’t want to start trying to reach and feel like you have to fill a need.”

As for what the Cardinals are still looking for in the free agent market, there isn’t one specific position they are targeting, but defensive players are a priority, Wilks said.

“Right now the scouts, as well as the coaches are working on that, trying to fill the roster,” Wilks said. “We’re just trying to do our due diligence and make sure that we bring the best guys in.”

Cardinals’ rookie minicamp begins on May 11, with OTAs beginning on May 15.