All or Nothing Part 2-Arizona Wildcat Basketball

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This is how it works in our present world. People see it one way, and ONLY one way when it comes to their politics and their sports teams. Blind loyalty runs rampant. 

It’s either Fox News is gospel or MSNBC  is the only one who tells the truth. ESPN is a bastion of journalism, it’s what everyone watches, or ESPN has paired itself off hundreds of employees and botched the Arizona basketball/Sean Miller story. 

In this world of instant analysis and taking sides, the last week has produced a mind-numbing pace of reports around the Wildcats basketball program, starting with their head coach.  Sean Miller sat at a podium Thursday , started out a bit unsure, and then found his stride and basically said “nothing going on here, keep walking.”  Of course anyone who attended the University of Arizona sided with Miller.

I have yet to have one Arizona Wildcat graduate in the last 48 hours tell me that Miller hasn’t done anything wrong. Never mind that Millers’ longtime assistant coach was indicted on federal bribery charges as part of the FBI’s wide-ranging investigation into college basketball corruption. If there’s nothing wrong with the basketball program, then why did their two recruits(big-time players) pull out of commitments to Miller and Arizona basketball in the last week? 

It goes back to those who believe their cable news channels messaging. Fox News could never be wrong, same for MSNBC. If they don’t speak your language then they don’t know what they are talking about. Same goes for Arizona Wildcat basketball. There is such a fervor around the only game that sells out in Tucson. Howwwwwwweeeevvvveeeerrr, anything less than a Final Four out of this team will once again result in some of that fandom switching their tune to, “it’s time for a change”. The predictable calls of reaching back to a player from the Lute Olsen days, who can come in to replace Miller. THIS IS COMING in the next few weeks IF the Wildcats don’t make it to San Antonio. #NotFakeNews