Are High School Coaches Going to Be Carrying Weapons Too?

Arizona Sports News online

When your son or daughter is in zero hour weight training or fourth hour soccer academy, should the high school coach have a weapon on their person? If you have athletes currently in high school, or are going to go through that step in life over the next couple of years, ask yourself that question. Is that what you want in order for your child to be safe at school? The suggestion by President Trump on Thursday that high school teachers should be carrying guns has to include a discussion about coaches and athletic administration too. 

As part of the checklist for the Friday night game, should the coaches make sure they are armed? When the team gets on the bus for the game against the cross town rival, does the athletic director make sure the coach has their weapon with them?  Is part of the hiring process for the next basketball coach supposed to include a conversation about carrying their gun,  or if they can diagram an our-of bounds play with :05 seconds left in the game? Are you going to expect the high school wrestling coach to go over the cookie-dough fundraiser or let you know that they are carrying as part of the first parent-coach meeting? When the head football coach has the booster club meeting, do you want to know how many, or who, of the staff are carrying on Friday night games? Will this make a difference in how safe you feel for your son or daughter?  All the focus of Thursdays news was on the teacher in the classroom. What about the high school coach? Where do they fit in on this discussion? 

I am not going to throw out opinions on this today. I am merely pointing out that this suggestion out of the Presidents office will have to include dialogue about high school coaches carrying firearms. Is this what YOU want?…