Will the Suns Playoff Drought Go 10 Years?

Arizona Sports News online

I glanced up from desk and saw that the Suns were down 38 at Indiana. I just kind of chuckled, because disgust left me a long, long time ago.
The Suns haven’t had a playoff game since May 27th, 2010. It feels as though most of you don’t care.
Tuesday night I dropped my son off for water polo practice and went to a local sports bar. TV’s on everywhere, but not one of them on the Suns game at Milwaukee. I had to flag down a server to ask if they could switch over the Australian Open for me. I got a sideways look, five minuets later the Suns game came on in the corner.
I watch good guys like Tom Chambers and Tom Leander smile and rehash bad basketball night after night after night. It’s their job, and they’ve become very good at it.
Chambers noted after the Suns blowout loss to the Pacers that “the Suns allowed the Pacers to shoot 56-percent and that’s just not good enough.”
I’d like to hear the conversation between the two while the game is going on. I have to believe it’s much more colorful.
My wife has heard me say more than a few times, “what the heck is going on”. Sometimes the language has an expletive or two sprinkled in. It’s just stunning to me that it could be a decade of non-playoffs for the Suns. Do you honestly see a nucleus of talent that can make the postseason in the next two years?
At least I care enough to ask the server to find the game on one of their tv’s. I care enough to even sit through post game shows after another beat down.
The Owner doesn’t seem to care that the franchise is closing in on a decade of non-playoff games. I get it, he’s got an investment that is giving great returns without producing much for those who consume. It’s a stock in his portfolio. Winning would show me that he really cares(trade for a star Robert!!!). The number of playoff games since May 27th, 2010 speaks to the caring and commitment from the owners box. Guys like Kevin Love, Kemba Walker, and Kawhi Leonard are all reportedly unhappy in their current situations. Flip the script!!!! Go look at the Charles Barkley trade that Jerry Colangelo made. It wasn’t popular in many quarters, but he shook up the roster in a big way and it paid off. Show us you care Robert, it’s been too long…