VOTE: 2017 Best HS Football Celebration GIF

The 2017 high school football season was full of ups and downs, and the Sports360AZ was there to capture a lot of it. 

In its second year, we present the Best High School Football Celebration GIF Award field. 16 GIFs from 16 teams. It’s a bunch of celebration, a bunch of personality, and that fun is one of the reasons we all love high school football so much.



Before we see the field, let’s revisit past winners. We have 2016’s winner – T.J. Green from Chandler High School and the 2015 victor Bozton Sanders from Centennial. Both occurred during state championship wins, but only one was voted on. We came up with this concept at the conclusion of the 2016 season, but I awarded Sanders retroactively because, frankly, this would have been a runaway.

But now, Sports360AZ lets the people decide.

The Best Celebration GIF of 2016: You Decide

Thanks to a random number generator, the four groups of four have been randomly formed. Without further ado, the 2017 Best High School Football Celebration GIF nominees:

Group 1

“NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT” – Zach Bowers, Chandler

I’ve called Zach Bowers a heat-seeking missile (don’t believe me? Ask my good buddy Ralph Amsden). If there was a big gang tackle coming from the Wolves, it probably had Bowers in the middle of it. Chandler made a big tackle and “Bam Bam Bowers” (trying it out) wanted to let everyone know he wasn’t having any of it.

Zach Bowers


“You get a chest bump, you get a chest bump” – Angel Ruiz, Sunrise Mountain

The Sunrise Mountain wide receiver had plenty of practice for touchdown celebrations, scoring 25 times this year. In this particular touchdown against Salpointe Catholic, he spread the love to a few skill position guys before sticking his landing with the linemen.

Sunrise Mountain


“High Stepping” – Trey Miller, American Leadership Academy

The high-step touchdown celebration is an oldie but a goodie, and American Leadership Academy’s Trey Miller is a fan of the classics apparently.



“DID YOU SEE THAT???” – Alec Moonier, Liberty

It took a second for Moonier to react and for good reason. The game was all but wrapped up for Centennial, all they had to do was run out the clock. Liberty was able to force a fumble and score the go-ahead touchdown to win the game against their then-undefeated rival. It took me a second to realize what I was watching while I was filming. I’m sure it felt the same on the field.

Liberty Play 1


Group 2

“Are you not entertained???” – Brock Purdy, Perry

We get spoiled by so many great high school football players in the state, and Perry quarterback Brock Purdy is at the top of that list. He kicked off (a lot) of scoring in the 6A state title game. He wanted to give the Perry crowd who made the trek down to Tucson some love.

Brock Purdy


“Twinkle-toes” – Dom Hampton, Centennial

Speaking of state championships, Centennial showed why they were the top team in 5A in the state championship. Cornerback Dominique Hampton also proved why he is one of the top playmakers in the state. In this instance, he was showing off his quick feet after an interception. He also had a looonggg touchdown catch that game. 



“LET’S DANCE” – Dave Sedmak, Desert Mountain

When you start off 2-0 for the first time since 2012, I think that deserves a postgame boogie. Dave Sedmak was apparently wearing his dancing shoes after the Desert Mountain Wolves beat Mesa early in the season.

DM Coach Dancing REAL


“That was exhausting” – Mario Padilla, Salpointe Catholic

Mario Padilla showed some crazy burst in the 4A state championship game after a long kick return for a touchdown. The teammates who helped set that up with blocks made sure he also didn’t hit the turf after the play either.

Salpointe Catholic Celebration


Group 3

“The Gronk” – Ty Robinson, Higley

Ty Robinson has emerged as one of the top 2019 prospects with offers from the likes of Alabama, Syracuse and Cal among others. While donning #87, he channeled his inner-Gronkowki with the huge spike after a touchdown against Saguaro.

Ty Robinson


“Hayyy-ohhhhh” – Hunter Mayginnes, Hamilton

The Hamilton offensive lineman and ASU commit is actually a two-time nominee for the celebration GIF of the year award.


Last year, he teamed up with Chance Brewington to be Hamitlon’s nominee, and in 2017 his dance moves made him a solo act.

Hunter Mayginnes


“Caught it.” – Ryan Dobbs, Queen Creek

This is an oversimplification of what might be the biggest catch of the season when Dobbs came down with the game-tying Hail Mary catch to force overtime in the 5A quarterfinals, but the simple exclamation point of showing the ref the ball added to the allure and cold-bloodeness of making that play.

Queen Creek 2


“Get on up” – Spencer Stowers, Casteel

Casteel head coach Spencer Stowers has been known to get pumped up, and deservedly so. In this case, the Colts – in their third year as a program – just advanced to the state title, a game they eventually won.

Spencer Stowers


Group 4 

We’ll just call this one “The Scottsdale Group”

“I’m Baaaacccccckkkkkkkk” – Jack Miller, Chaparral

After transferring to Chaparral from Scottsdale Christian Academy, Jack Miller was deemed ineligible for five games. After the AIA overturned the decision, Miller’s first game in Arizona would be at home against Williams Field. This celebration came after his first touchdown pass to his good friend Tommy Christakos. Looks like Miller had some pent up fire that night.

Jack Miller


“Walk It Out” – Jake Smith, Notre Dame Prep

Jake Smith was one of the breakout stars of this season and had plenty of opportunities to celebrate in his impressive junior year. He saves the flash for the field and gives a nice little strut and toss to the ref.



“Five.” – Saguaro Sabercats

I don’t think I need to say anything catchy to explain how impressive winning five straight state titles is.

Saguaro Five


“Love Tap” – Parker Redd, Pinnacle

Teammate appreciation can be aggressive at times, and Parker Redd was feeling very appreciative towards Hayden Hatten when he brought in that touchdown.

Those are the 16. Make sure to rock the vote for the best celebration GIF from 2017. Below are the tweets with the groupings. Once voting has completed, the final four will be revealed and voted on.