Arizona State Moves up to #3, Wildcats #18..Showdown Coming..

Arizona may not have a spotless record, but are the Wildcats rounding into form just in time for their home showdown with Arizona State later this month? 

Arizona State was sluggish for the first ten minuets of Sundays home win over Vanderbilt, but did the #3rd ranked Sun Devils make progress on finding a low post combination to go along with the GUARD U roster? 

I would answer “yes” to both questions. December 30th in Tucson is shaping up to be a matchup between the two rivals unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The Sun Devils shouldn’t stumble at home against Longwood or Pacific and Arizona has Tucson games with North Dakota State and Connecticut. Could we see #3 ASU vs #12 Arizona? Something like this seems more than likely. 

Arizona rolled through New Mexico over the weekend and did it without having a roster at full strength. Watching the game back on tape I look at Deandre Ayton and think that the Suns should forget their way into winning meaningless games like Saturday night at Minnesota. I haven’t seen a big man work as hard or as efficient as the Wildcat big man. He’s look great in a PHX purple and orange jersey in 2018. 

Watching Arizona State on Sunday, I wanted to see the continued development of the Sun Devils inside game. I know what GUARD U can do, what I don’t know is if players like Romello White and Mickey Mitchell have  enough inside to compete with the Wildcats. There were flashes on Sunday, especially by White early in the game when the Arizona State guards were off.  

Love the fact that both programs are on a collision course of national relevance.