2017 Sports360AZ All-Academic Volleyball Team (1A-4A)

Based on the nominations from coaches and members of the Arizona high school volleyball community, Sports360AZ introduces the 2017 Arizona All-Academic Volleyball Team for the 1A-4A Divisions spotlighting the best the state has to offer both on the football field as well as in the classroom.

2017 Sports360AZ All-Academic Volleyball First Team (1A-4A)

Carlee Smith – Leading Edge Academy – 4.86 weighted GPA

Dallas Nicole Taylor – Saguaro – 4.85 weighted GPA

Abby Rambo – Estrella Foothills – 4.63 weighted GPA

Kayla Furman – Florence – 4.5 weighted GPA

Ellie Berges – Blue Ridge – 4.5 weighted GPA

Gracie Henderson – Tuba City – 4.5 weighted GPA

Kayleigh Paddock – Tuba City – 4.45 weighted GPA

Clara Bednarek – Florence – 4.42 weighted GPA

Courtnie Cobb – Bradshaw Mountain – 4.37 weighted GPA

Marlee London – Blue Ridge – 4.35 weighted GPA

Justine Butterfield – Winslow – 4.33 weighted GPA

Kylee Deal – Monument Valley – 4.33 weighted GPA

Jordyn Moser – Bradshaw Mountain – 4.33 weighted GPA

McKeil Clifford – Bradshaw Mountain – 4.33 weighted GPA

Brooke Lorefice – Florence – 4.32 weighted GPA

Reillie Smith – Bradshaw Mountain – 4.29 weighted GPA

Honorable Mention:

Abby McLeran Shadow Mountain 4.0 unweighted GPA
Allie Payne Rancho Solano Prep 3.63 unweighted
Amanda Koath Rancho Solano Prep 3.95 unweighted GPA
Autumn Byjoe Tuba City 3.87 weighted GPA
Autumn Jim St. Michael 3.75 weighted GPA
Caroline Montgomery Scottsdale Christian Academy 3.9 unweighted GPA
Cassie Rourke San Simon 3.93 unweighted GPA
Chloe Beach Rock Point 3.9 weighted GPA
Codi Spencer Valley High School 3.5 GPA
Courtney Luxton Sunrise Mountain 4.0 unweighted GPA
Dajia Sample Leading Edge Academy 3.5 unweighted GPA
Delila Nakaidinae St. Michael 3.94 weighted GPA
Emily Lister Norh Phoenix Prep 3.08 unweighted GPA
Emma Whitehead Scottsdale Christian Academy 3.3 unweighted GPA
Erin Willis Snowflake 4.0 unweighted GPA
Gracie Gunsalus River Valley 3.38 unweighted GPA
Halle Price Leading Edge Academy 3.7 unweighted GPA
Hayley Meshay Arizona Luthern Academy 3.40 unweighted GPA
Jacquelyn Clink Scottsdale Christian Academy 3.8 weighted GPA
Jalynn Smith St. Michael 3.7 weighted GPA
Janae Kidwell River Valley 3.33 unweighted GPA
Katie Herrington Norh Phoenix Prep 3.93 unweighted GPA
Kelli Mitchell Winslow 4.0 weighted GPA
Kenisha Whitehorse Pinon 3.86 unweighted GPA
Ki-Anna McCabe Monument Valley 3.1 unweighted GPA
Kimberly Jade Oium Camp Verde 4.00 unweighted GPA
Kris Perez Norh Phoenix Prep 3.47 unweighted GPA
Lauren Nells Winslow 4.0 weighted GPA
Lauren Ohlinger Scottsdale Christian Academy 3.8 unweighted GPA
Macy Cunningham Leading Edge Academy 3.6 unweighted GPA
Madison Koath Rancho Solano Prep 3.82 unweighted GPA
Mailani Manuel Bradshaw Mountain 3.5 weighted GPA
Makenna Mattes Florence 4.17 weighted GPA
Megan Smith Monument Valley 4.05 weighted GPA
Mehek Sumar Rancho Solano Prep 4.0 unweighted GPA
Melissa Woodruff River Valley 3.92 unweighted GPA
Natasha Radic Mohave 4.0 unweighted GPA
Nikala Calia Bradshaw Mountain 3.81 weighted GPA
Paige Laughing St. Michael 3.86 weighted GPA
Peyton Bradshaw Bradshaw Mountain 4.0 weighted GPA
Rache Tichenor Leading Edge Academy 3.8 unweighted GPA
Ryelena Nex St. Michael 3.5 weighted GPA
Sara Jewell Camp Verde 3.6 unweighted GPA
Savanna Frei Mohave 3.77 unweighted GPA
Shelly Newman Blue Ridge 3.18 weighted GPA, 3.39 unweighted GPA
Sofia Brnovich Norh Phoenix Prep 3.92 unweighted GPA
Sophia Wadsworth Scottsdale Christian Academy 4.0 unweighted GPA
Sydnet Terry St. Michael 3.71 weighted GPA
Tanna Webster San Simon 3.96 unweighted GPA
Taylor Huscher Shadow Mountain 4.0 unweighted GPA