A Different Path to Success, Orme School

By Nicholas Welter

The Orme School is not just a unique place for students, but also for their athletes.

Located in Mayer, Arizona, The Orme Warriors are a 1A program that is not yet a member of the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA).

How does one come to choose Orme? What about this school is appealing?

“I think that students choose Orme for a variety of reasons including our high academic expectations, our athletic programs, and the opportunity to prepare for college by being pushed academically and in areas of life-skill development,” Athletic Director Austin Hudson said.

OrmeSign-videoHudson also added that the admissions and athletic departments seek out high academic achieving students and strive to create an environment in which all students become functioning and contributing members of society.

Aside from academic goals, the Orme School is also growing in their athletic programs.

They offer 10 varsity sports, some of which have already had success on the field. In 2013, the Warriors won a state title in both football and basketball.

Their athletes are also very diverse. Hudson said that 20 different countries are represented at the Orme School, a fact that they are very proud of.

In an interview with Sports360AZ.com, Hudson highlighted one international student athlete in particular, Cenk Esinduy.

Esinduy originally is from Turkey and was recruited by Hudson to play basketball for the Warriors.

Hudson said that Esinduy came to Orme to fulfill a dream of earning a college basketball scholarship in  America. When he arrived at the school he decided he also wanted to play football.

Hudson says the transition was not easy but believes that it highlights what the Orme School is all about.

“The breadth of opportunities is for students to find new talents, and learn about people from all over the globe,” Hudson explained.

However, students are not just recruited there to play sports, they are encouraged to pursue other activities as well.

cenkHudson said that students and student-athletes are encouraged to take art courses, music classes, and even hold on-campus jobs.

Students are encouraged to be well rounded at the Orme School and while academics are the clear priority, Hudson ended with the idea that they aren’t the only thing that makes them stand out.

“We are a community of people from all over the globe working and living together to achieve excellence in academics, athletics, and character values.”