Dodgers Will Not Have a Pool Party

Arizona Sports News online

Chanting “Beat LA” is all well and good, but Monday night you might want to try “Score Some Runs” or “Strike out Puig”. Through two games the Dodgers have made the Diamondbacks look more like the team that dropped almost 100 games in 2016. The LA fans I talked to on Sunday wanted to know about whether or not they were going to be allowed to get into the pool area if their team wins on Monday to end the NLDS. I’d say that the Dodgers romp in the water in 2015 is at the top of the list of disrespect towards the Diamondbacks and the State of Arizona in all of the years and all of the sports between the two cities.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts addressed the pool party conversation on Sunday.

So it falls on the right shoulder of Zach Greinke to shut down the Dodgers. If he had just done his job last Wednesday when his team was leading Colorado 6-0, perhaps the Diamondbacks wouldn’t have their backs up against the wall. If the Diamondbacks ace simply shuts down Colorado into the 6th inning, Robbie Ray probably doesn’t get called into the game. Ray then is on full rest for game two on Saturday night and would’ve had his best stuff. At least, you would hope that would’ve been the case. But it didn’t happen.

Monday night is WHY the Diamondbacks brought Greinke to Arizona. If he doesn’t perform, then it may well be the last time we see him in a Arizona uniform…