Cardinals Escape Indy With a W

Arizona Sports News online

1-1 beats 0-2. Not much else to say about the Arizona Cardinals 16-13 OT victory Sunday at Indianapolis. Most NFL games come down to five plays . The Cardinals got an interception out of Tyrann Mathieu in overtime which set-up the game winning field goal by kicker Phil Dawson. Earlier, Dawson missed a field goal at the end of regulation that would’ve won it, there was a terrific TD catch by J.J. Nelson, the Colts had a Frank Gore TD in the first quarter. In between those five plays there was quite a bit of bad football, mixed in with an occasional moment of something that resembled a positive play.
The Colts didn’t have their star quarterback Andrew Luck, so Jacoby Brissett, who had six practices under his belt, led an anemic Indy attack. Several dropped passes by Colts wide receivers, who were wide open, kept the Cardinals from falling to 0-2.
The Colts found all sorts of ways to give away a game that they were winning 13-3. Too many players on the field, a personal foul for running into a player who signaled a fair catch, a personal foul for a blow to the head of Carson Palmer. You get the point. How do I say this politely? The Cardinals were very lucky to win the game. Palmer wasn’t good for the second week in a row, but he squeezed out just enough to get a win. All will be forgotten if the Cardinals beat Dallas in Glendale next Monday night.