MLB Draft Recap, Sports360AZ Custom Jerseys

On the Diamonds In The Desert podcast, Haley Stesiak and Jordan Hamm talk all things baseball in the state of Arizona. From the pros to college to high school, these seam-heads share the latest news and give their takes on Americaโ€™s Pastime. 

MLB Draft Recap, Custom Jerseys For the Sports360AZ Team:

Haley and Jordan recap what’s worked right for the Arizona Diamondbacks as they are one of five teams to reach 40 wins. They also go into the a MLB draft recap for the Diamondbacks as well as the local prep and college players who were selected in the MLB Draft. And finally, with the news of MLB teams allowing nicknames and custom jerseys for one weekend this year, Haley and Jordan pick custom jerseys for the Sports360AZ team.