Hamilton Tackle Ready To Take Game To Next Level

Standing 6-feet-5 inches tall and weighing 315 pounds it’s hard to imagine anyone pushing around Hamilton High School senior offensive tackle Hunter Mayginnis on the field. But in football, especially in the trenches, size doesn’t always equal strength. It’s something he came to the conclusion to this off-season.

“Last season I wasn’t all that strong,” Mayginnis said to Sports360AZ.com earlier this week. “My max back squat was 385 coming into spring ball and coming out of spring ball it went up to 515. I have keep putting in that work.”

The before mentioned work will benefit not only Mayginnis but the Huskies’ offense with Syracuse-commit running back Jawhar Jordan and one of the state’s most decorated quarterbacks in Tyler Shough working in the backfield behind him.

The off-season work for Mayginnis didn’t stop in weight room. It has also carried over to the practice field as he looks to enhance his Division I skill set heading into his senior season under new head coach Dick Baniszewski as the Huskies look to bounce back from a 7-5 2016.

“My feet were kind of wild last year so I’m trying to chop it up it a little bit,” he explained referring to his improving technique. “My hands were kind of wild last year, too. Coach Tuck [Mark Tucker] has really worked with us a lot.”

Already with one Division I offer in tow Mayginnis (who also carries a favorable 3.2 GPA in the classroom) will be making the tour this summer looking to showcase his added strength and agility for college coaches.

“I already went down to the UofA camp for a prospects camp, that was pretty fun” he said. “I’m also going to go to UCLA and USC [camp] in late June.”

Some believe Mayginnis will be best suited to play guard in college but could stay outside at tackle if he improves his quickness on the edge.

For him, it really doesn’t matter.

“If they want to put me at center, put me at center,” he said with a grin. “Anywhere I can get playing time.”

Rest assured he’ll be getting plenty of it this fall.

The Huskies are certainly counting on it.